How does trace the face works?

Looking for your family
Giving a chance for your family to find you

Looking for your family


Trace the Face is an online photo gallery with thousands of pictures of people looking for their family members.

If you or your relatives family have migrated and lost contact, you can search for each other on Trace the Face, wherever you are in the world

The photograph and their family relationship with the missing person are the only information available online.

If you recognize someone, you can send us a message to contact their case worker.

Giving a chance for your family to find you

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If you have not found a picture of your family member, please contact the nearest National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society or International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office for additional help with your search.

A team dedicated to locating missing people will carefully handle your request, working with a network of other National Red Cross or Red Crescent Societies and ICRC teams all over the world who will also help in the search.

The team will collect information from you, data that they will need to search for your missing family member. Your picture can also be published on Trace the Face, if you wish. Your personal information will not be available online, in order to respect you and your missing relative's privacy and security.